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Thoughts of winter…

Something caught my eye and I looked up to see a brilliant sunset going on just outside the window.  It caught me by surprise, it seemed too early in the day for the sunset, I thought, and yet there it was.  And as quickly as I noticed and hurried to take a picture, it was gone.  Used up, faded, and forgotten, aside from photos.

Much as I found myself feeling during my recent visit with my daughter and grandchildren.  Oh it was an enjoyable time, there were no problems.  Almost anyhow.  All was fun and games the whole visit, until I happened to glance into a mirror and found my mother looking back at me.  I never think of my age, I pretty much feel as good as ever so it hasn’t demanded attention.  But there it was.  Undeniable.  I’m old. I’m as my mother was during the last years she visited with us.  I remember how distant it felt to me to notice the signs of aging etching themselves into my mother’s face.  I saw that it was happening to her, but somehow I never considered that I would also age in the same way.  There is a lot of life written on my face, now that I look at it.  I earned the wrinkles and the gray hair.  So while I notice the changes in myself, I will try to remember that each sunset seems to reach it’s most glorious just as it slips below the horizon.  It’s a good thought, it’s a reason to keep going.  So yes I’m old, but my light is still burning, and I don’t think it’s even close to burning itself out, not yet…12-06wintersunset

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Airport sunset…

An airport isn’t the worst place to find yourself with time on your hands.  Especially when there is an observatory available, and you decide to wander to get your steps in and also see what the sunset brings.12-04airportsunset5

The observatory had angled windows which quickly became my obsession.  Until I looked up and saw that a plane was flying across the sun, but I didn’t have time to get that photo.  So I alternated between looking for the sunset reflections and waiting for planes to take off toward the sunset.  And there was a little bit of Christmas too! 12-04airportsunset412-04airportsunset312-04airportsunset212-04airportsunsettree


Thanksgiving eagle…

I had signed up for the Thanksgiving photo shoot to look for the ‘Duke’ eagles because it sounded like a good idea at the time.  To tell you the truth I was surprised to see it on the schedule as an option at first, and then I wondered how many of the people in this Florida group lived alone and away from family, and I decided that it was a nice activity to have the option to choose.  They offer it on Christmas Day and also New Years Day, and  I think I signed up for all three.  But I do have family here and this will be a nice holiday so I told myself I wasn’t going to go, and then I found myself in the car and got there 45 minutes early.  And that turned out to be the secret.

As I arrived I saw an eagle fly into the nest, much too quickly for me to have the camera ready.  And once in the nest it wasn’t visible at all.  So I looked around, and off in the distance I saw what looked to be a bird sitting on a dead tree branch.  There are always lots of vultures around and I told myself I was nuts for giving up my position at the nest to walk down the street for a closer look.  But yes, it was an eagle.  I took a lot of pictures, mostly all identical since they do have a tendency to strike a pose and stick with it, and then it flew off toward the gulf.  I got myself back to the nest in time for another group member to join me, and then came the brief moment when that eagle joined the first one at the nest.  I was ready this time.  After that we chatted and watched the fog roll in.  The nest is a short way from the Duke energy plant with it’s tall smoke stack, and we were surprised to see the top of the stack become lost in the fog.  I should have taken that picture, I thought, and I turned to do just that and the entire stack was gone.  And the fog became thick enough to feel like droplets on your skin, and so I decided to head for home.  It was a good shoot for me, and I told them I hoped that my leaving would bring them all luck.  I hope it did…11-28thelookout11-28scratch11-28hereturns