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Wall Springs Park…

One of the benefits of my photo group is that several times a year you have the opportunity to have you camera sensor professionally cleaned.  Yesterday was one of those days, and my camera needed it since it hadn’t been cleaned for a full year.  Which in no way explains why I got a bunch of really lousy photos when we stopped at Wall Springs Park on the way home.  Nope, that was on me.  But after spending a few days holed up in the recliner and sniffling my way through a bad cold it was just nice to be out in the sun.

A green heron isn’t an easy bird to spot, so I’m happy that a couple of birders pointed this one out.12-14greenheron

And a mullet!  These fish jump out of the water and seem to hover for a second, but if you think that that would make it easy for you to get a picture of one you can think again.  I have tried to get a photo of one many times, but I got lucky yesterday.12-14mullet

The park looked as if it would be a prime spot for an eagle nest, but the only big birds in the trees were vultures.  Looking ominous.  And the only other salvageable picture was one of this squirrel.  I hope it doesn’t take me too long to get back into the swing of things, it’s usually a lot ore fun to come home and look at your pictures than it was yesterday.12-14squirrel