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It was almost a full moon.  Seen on a morning with an almost pretty sunrise.  It looked more promising as I left the house than it did when I got to the bridge.  I could have quit after this shot since this was as pretty as it got.12-15shot#1

I suspected that things had taken a turn for the worst as far as the sunrise went, so I tried another approach.  My friend Betty sees the details in things that I never manage to see, so I asked myself what would Betty shoot?  And came up with these.12-15netting12-15redlight12-15redlight212-15snowman

Almost a nice clear shot of that snowman, but now that I see that he’s an inflatable I’m sure he was moving.  Darn it. And the birds on the wire.  They arrive en masse, a flock swooping one way and almost landing, but changing their collective mind and trying that swoop and turn again.  I see them every time I’m on this bridge for the sunrise, but the camera is set wrong to try to catch them in action.  Not that I didn’t try of course, taking shots between the cars zipping by in both directions.12-15birdsonawire

And then along came this guy who stirred up the water and spoiled any possible reflections for long enough that I decided to call it a day.  I was tired anyhow, I’m almost over my cold…12-15disturbingthepeace