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Close encounters…

I love this time of year.  Not only are the temperatures pretty much perfect here in Florida, but you can wind up your day by watching a lovely sunset and still be home by 6 PM, which is what I did on Sunday.  I spent time watching football and enjoying the company at my son’s house, and then headed to Sunset Beach for sunset photos before heading home.  It’s aptly named, though I suppose most beaches here on the west coast of Florida would give you a nice view of the sunset.  And you can tell that the snowbirds are back in the area, since there were quite a few people also out enjoying the view.  One visitor on the beach, however, was attracting most of the attention.  Mine included.

You can see him in the feature photo, a lone pelican among the seagulls on the beach.  And people, including me, were approaching him for photos which he didn’t appear to find disturbing at all.  This didn’t seem like the usual behavior you see in pelicans, so I was happy to see him looking strong and healthy when he did decide to fly away.  12-15pelecan212-15pelecan12-15pelican312-15pelican412-15sunsetbeachpelican