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Courthouse Christmas…

“The crowds,” my friends said.  “The parking,” they lamented.  And yet I headed out anyhow.  To Brooksville, the county seat of Hernando county.  I grabbed a parking spot in the courthouse lot, not realizing the uphill climb I would have to be where I needed to be.  But once there the lights were lovely.  And a performance was in the works, that was obvious.  Not a school group as I first thought, this was a performance put on by a group called Stir Up the Gift.  I took pictures as they set up, but what I was waiting for was the carriage rides.  I imagined the lovely pictures I might get, but the reality was a bit of a disappointment.  Perhaps it’s that the only other time I’ve done this was when I saw the Budweiser Clydesdales delivering beer one evening in Palm Harbor.  Now that would be a hard act for anyone to follow.  And once I had gotten plenty of photos my thoughts turned to the long, dark, walk to the parking lot where I’d left the car, and so I left.  A nice evening for myself, and home in time for Jeopardy.12-20courthousetree212-20courthousetree12-20carriagesunset12-20realtor12-20performers12-20performersclose12-20performersclose212-203singers12-20carriagearrives12-20horses12-20rollofhonor

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