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Santa paddle…

They called it a Santa paddle, and paddle we did.  Hours of paddling on Silver Lake.  I spent most of that time fascinated at the thought that the scenery was so natural.  I wondered if people paddling this place years ago looked at an identical scene.  If you notice the trees you’ll see the high water line, and the few houses that we did see on the shores suffered flooding when the water rose.  It was hard to imagine the water so high.

The feature photo shows the most alligator-ish sight that I saw.  And for that I was thankful.  It was too cold for the gators, I was told, it was meant to reassure me.  But where would they go?  In my mind every log floating just beneath the water was suspect, but I did forget about that after a while.  Maybe it was the overcast day that caused such gorgeous reflections in the water.  It was a lovely paddle.

12-24kayak112-24kayak212-24kayak312-24reflect112-24reflect212-24houseI wish all a very Merry Christmas and I hope the New Year will be kind to one and all.