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Aripeka again…

I stopped at the first bridge on my trip to Aripeka that morning.  I liked that there were lights on in the houses, but it looked like the actual sunrise would be so far to the right that it wouldn’t be the prettiest sunrise photos for me.  So I took a few pictures and then moved on to the second bridge, the more familiar bridge I’ve used for sunrise photos.  In the 30 seconds or so it took to drive that little way up the road not only had the sunrise colors come to life, but the wind had kicked up tremendously.  I overheard the bait shop owner cautioning the boaters who had stopped on the bridge, telling them that they would have some problems if they headed out on the water that day.  While the temperature was mild, the wind was still whipping and the sky was overcast, I wonder how those boaters did out there…


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