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Eagle watch…

Yesterday I decided to stop by the eagle nest for yet another check to see if they were ‘home’ and in the mood to get their picture taken.  I haven’t stopped too many times lately, but I’ve been disappointed often enough that I didn’t really expect to see one of them, let alone two.  And before I even got out of my car a friend pulled up, also on the eagle watch.  We are thinking that it’s about time for the eggs to hatch, and the real eagle watch will begin when that happens.  She said that she had already been by once that day and didn’t see anyone, so neither of us were expecting to see them, but there he was, or is it a she?  The larger one is the female, or so I’m told, but you have to see them side by side to judge.  He or she was on a branch above the nest, keeping watch.  Sitting calmly enough, but looking from side to side and seeming to be on guard.  And as we watched suddenly there was the second one, just arriving at the nest it seemed, and then sounding off as if she didn’t like what she found there.  What we didn’t see was any activity that suggested that they are feeding hatchlings, but that should be soon.  We’ll be keeping watch ourselves, hoping for the day we’ll see the babies popping their heads up for us to get a picture.  And neither of us had our best camera/lens combination with us.  I won’t make the mistake again.  This is the best I could do yesterday.12-27nestview12-27keepingwatch12-27keepingwatch212-27homeagain12-27homeagain2

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