Krunch and Kona…

I took these pictures of my grand-dragons on Christmas Day.  They had gotten crickets for Christmas and that had gotten them all perked up and moving about.  And posing.  I was enjoying visiting with everyone, and drinking egg nog, but I couldn’t help but notice them posing face to face, and eventually I just had to take a few pictures.12-26KrunchandKona2.jpg12-26KrunchandKona1.jpgIMG_1418.jpegWhile I do find these guys fascinating and I like to take pictures of them, they aren’t the cuddly pets I prefer.  I’m pretty sure that my pet owning days are over.

Well, except for Frankie.  For day two of the photo challenge I took her to Publix yesterday.  As far as iconic Florida goes I think Publix fills the bill.  It was founded in Florida by George Jenkins in 1930.  He worked in the grocery business but didn’t like how the employees were treated, so he started his business with the premise that if the employees were happy they would in turn lead to happy customers.  It has grown into a 32 billion dollar business with 200,000 employees, and in 2017 it was awarded the status of #1 most admired retailer.  Seems he was on to something.1-3-20FrankieatPublix