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Alligator Alley…

While fighting the very bright sun and very deep shadows can be frustrating, it can also make for some fun photos.  Take the B above, which is actually a weed, but it looked like neon in a spot of sunshine.

I didn’t venture onto Alligator Alley when I was in Circle B Bar reserve in the past.  I deliberately avoided it for fear of, well, being eaten by an alligator.  But on Sunday I was assured that the alligators don’t eat this time of year.  Their systems are in low gear,  and were they to eat any food it would rot in their gut.  So we walked the trail and hoped that all the alligators had gotten that memo.1-6-20CBBRtrail.jpg1-6-20Bettuonthetrail.jpg1-6-20egretonthetrail.jpg

You occasionally find yourself sharing the trail with the wildlife.  And, oh my, look what this one was doing…1-6-20egretw-snake.jpg1-6-20egretw-snake2.jpgEven as we took the pictures we lamented the people who had been walking toward us on the path were now in our pictures.  But it’s not like you can plan these things.1-5-20GBKwitheel.jpgAnd this Great Blue Heron with an eel was a surprise find also. 1-6-20GBHandgator.jpgWe all spent some time watching this alligator as it was cruising toward that heron.  We took lots of pictures as it just cruised on by.  And then it turned the tables on us…1-6-20ohohgator.jpg

Yup, looked like it was coming our way, but it continued his turn and headed back down the river.  Dodged another bullet.  And for a few months of the year Alligator Alley is closed for hiking because that’s the alligator mating season.  I guess they are looking out for those of us lucky enough to spend time in this park.1-6-20whichwaysup.jpg