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An orangutan kind of day…

I knew it all along, as soon as I saw the FCCP photo walk to the Lowry Park Zoo I knew that I would go, and that my day would be all about the orangutans.  I hoped there would there be babies, and that wish was granted.  I fell for them when I lived in San Diego and saw them at the San Diego Zoo many times.  And even Frankie fell for them this time, so much so that we brought one home.


3 thoughts on “An orangutan kind of day…”

    1. In the mom and baby picture the mom really did appear to be kissing her baby. As I stood there taking pictures I was listening to all the people ooing and ahing over how sweet they were to each other. As the young ones played the bigger one appeared to be very solicitous of the littler one, making sure that he didn’t fall. In the wild they live their whole lives in the trees, so I guess it all comes naturally to them.


    2. It is a shame to see such an amazing creature live it’s life in captivity, without human intervention they’d be extinct. And it’s only fair to intervene since human intervention, and greed, is responsible for the problem in the first place.


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