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Little birds…

The little birds in this case were found at John Chestnut Park the other day.  I had been to Anderson Park across the lake for the sunrise, and thought that a stop across the lake was probably a good idea also.  I had seen lots of little birds there in the past, but I saw seeds that someone had left on the railings and that’s what had the birds coming out of the foliage and into the light for photos.  I was a little disappointed because there were no seeds, and no little birds at first.  Then suddenly they were flitting everywhere.  The little bird above is a Yellow-rumped warbler.  I know this because my Merlin app told me.  And here we have a Blue-gray Gnat Catcher.02-03-20gnatcatcherThe little Palm warbler was hard to catch in a photo.02-03-20littlebird.jpgAnd I thought the Yellow-throated warbler was kind of flashy.02-03-20yellowthroat.jpg

It was a pretty morning, nice to see after a few days of rainy weather.  02-03-20view3.jpg02-03-20view.jpg

As I drove to the park I remembered the deer I’d seen the last time, and hoped I’d see one again.  I didn’t expect to see an entire herd of deer as I drove into the park.  They weren’t shy, well, the females and young ones weren’t shy.  The handsome one with antlers glowing in the light was gone in a flash.  I’ll look for him next time…02-03-20onedeer.jpg

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