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What’s missing…

What has happened when I’ve gone missing I mean?  Well, maybe it’s been raining, or at least cold and gloomy, and I haven’t been out for pictures.  Or maybe I’ve started on a sewing project which has every surface in the place draped in fabric, enough so that it’s even driving me crazy, and the only thing to do is keep working on it.  And lately it’s the internet, or lack thereof, that has really taken me over the edge.  I’ve been using my uncle’s internet while I’ve been across the street here in Florida.  At first it worked so well that I had to ask myself why not pay him for the use of his service rather than the cable company?  But little by little my various devices won’t pick up the signal, and the only reliable way to watch Netflix is on my phone, and I’m sure that’s only because it’s using cell service.  My desktop was the last holdout, the last reliable device that would get online and let me write a post, and this morning even that wouldn’t work.  Which actually had me giving myself a pat on the back for calling the cable company yesterday and lining up my own service.  Internet only, but it includes ‘streaming channels’, which are yet to be determined.  I am choosing to believe that this will solve all the issues that have had me tearing my hair out the last few weeks.  So here I am on yet another gloomy day, waiting for the cable guy, and hoping for the best.  And did I mention that I can change my signal to seasonal for a nominal monthly fee when I head to parts unknown in the camper this year?

One thing you can be sure of when I’ve gone missing, it’s not because I’m doing housework.  I’m way better at making messes than I am at cleaning them up…

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