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So far so good…

The wind was relentless all day today.  It was bad enough that I probably would have stayed home even if I wasn’t waiting for the cable guy to arrive.  While I talked to a friend on the phone I watched my neighbors’s trash cans blowing down the street, and I got to chase them down.  Twice.  And as I sat and talked with the very nice and helpful cable guy (Calvin from Spectrum) , out the window I had a view of my birdhouse swinging violently from side to side from only one wire.  I thought I’d go out and just take it down as soon as he was done, but then I spotted the Downey Woodpecker on the downspout looking longingly at the house as it spun crazily around.  So instead of taking it down I got up on the ladder and fixed it for him.  It took two tries but it’s still up now, even as the tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings are being updated every few minutes.   Such an odd day.  Not cold, and no storm of any kind so far, just that wind.  But so far so good… but if there were eggs in that house I’m afraid they’re scrambled by now.


1 thought on “So far so good…”

  1. Guess is was a crazy weather day for many. Snow and freezing rain here, your wind and my niece posted a photo of her neighborhood in Tennessee where the roads were flooded and the cars became boats.

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