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I spy…

It was supposed to be a quick stop, after all I was on my way to the airport to pick up my closest, dearest friend for a visit.  But I was early.  Early enough to stop at Cypress Point Park and hope to see airplanes landing against a sunset-colored sky.  That was as much of a plan as I had when I stopped at the rookery, fully prepared to see no new birdies there.  Only there he or she was!  This is the nest with the eggs that I’ve posted about before, and look as I might I haven’t spotted any other eggs in any other nest, despite all the apparent egg-sitting that I think I’m seeing.  And there will be even more I’m sure, because I saw this…02-23-20egretcloseuptwoSomebody driving by yelled at me as I stood there on my ladder, something about giving them privacy.  I’d feel guilty but really, how much privacy to they have anyhow?  And I was looking to see the chick and this egret landed just on the other side of the fence and begged me to take her picture.02-23-20egretcloseup202-23-20egretcloseupI had to go back to the car and get my 600mm lens.  It makes me happy to use it since I own it, but if I didn’t have the fence to lean it on I wouldn’t have been able to hold it steady.  And that fence is quite rickety now, I hope I’m not responsible for that.  At any rate I’m so happy to have my friend visiting, and so happy that our feathered friends have timed their appearance so perfectly for her to see them.  It really was a red-letter day, with a week of them ahead of us.02-23-20egretchicklette402-23-20egretchicklette302-23-20egretchicklette202-23-20egretchicklette

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