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Not nearest, but dearest….

It was a long travel day for my old friend, which is why it was that her plane wasn’t scheduled to arrive in Tampa until nearly 9 PM.  But as soon as I saw that timing I hoped that the weather would cooperate so that I could stop at Cypress Point Park on the way to the airport.  I had been there before with my photo group, where we were trying to get photos of the planes landing with the sunset colors behind them.  And, of course, that didn’t exactly happen, not then and not this time.  There was a lovely sunset going on, nice clouds picking up the colors, plus reflections of the sunset in the water and sand at low tide.  But the panes were landing 90 degrees to the left where there were heavy gray clouds which simply refused to light up.02-23-20cypressplane02-23-20cypressview3But it was quite a pretty sunset, and since her plane was 45 minutes early it was lucky that this park is only 7 minutes from the airport.  Of course with that timing once we got home there was barely time for a cup of Sleepy Time tea while we talked about all the things we might like to do while she is here….02-23-20cypressview202-23-20cypressview02-23-20cypressfeature