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Feathered friends…

Armed with cameras my visitor and I went to John Chestnut, Sr. Park the other day.  She especially enjoyed our walk through the woods in the lovely, warm temperatures.  A far cry from what she left behind at home in NH.  And fortunately for us Siri responded when I had to ask, “Hey Siri, where did I leave my car?”  How fortunate for myself and my fellow Baby Boomers that GPS is now part of our daily lives.  There is a quote that I’ve seen over and over again since I have discovered the camping lifestyle.  It says,  ‘All who wander are not lost’.  I have Siri to thank for that.02-25-20titmouse202-25-20catbird02-25-20anhingas02-25-20cabin02-25-20titmouse02-25-20titmouse302-25-20squirrel02-25-20irridensence02-25-20littlebird

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