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One, two, three…

The last trip my friend and I made to the rookery revealed a surprise.  Two surprises really.  First of all, it’s now obvious that there are three chicks in the egret nest.  I wonder where that last one was hiding?  And one is much bigger than the others.  We witnessed the mom take exception to a nearby woodstork, which caused her to stretch out her neck in his direction and tell him a thing or two.  What was funny about that was that the biggest chick was just beneath her doing exactly the same thing.  Spunky little guy.

The second surprise is that there are chicks in another egret nest, but we weren’t able to get photos of them quite yet.  Or count them.02-29-20rookerybigguy02-29-20rookery3chick202-29-20forcefed302-29-20forcefed202-29-20forcefed

It took the 600 mm lens to get these photos, taken while using the fence to steady the lens.  And while I had it in my hands I attempted to take shots of a woodstork who took off while I was watching.  I’m posting them because I was sure that I couldn’t hold the camera steady enough with that lens on the camera without the tripod.  But I did.02-29-20rookerywoodstork02-29-20rookerywoodstork2

My friend has also flown the coop, back to her own busy life.  Friends are our biggest blessings all our lives, but especially now.  I will miss her.

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