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Rookery update…

This may be an official update but not a whole lot has changed at the rookery.  I watched the egret nest I’ve been taking pictures of for quite a while.  Mom just stood over the nest and the biggest baby stood in her shadow much of the time.  He was blocking the view of the other chicks in that nest and I was a little worried that he was the only chick remaining.  But eventually he turned around and I was happy to see the others still present and accounted for. 03-04-20ourguy03-04-20ourguy203-04-20ourguy303-04-20ourguy403-04-20ourguy5But as I watched I couldn’t help looking closely at all the nests to see if I could see more hatchlings.  I thought I could hear them, but it took me a very long time to spot more, but I did.  This one was easy to spot once Mamma stood up.03-04-20newnest203-04-20newnestAnd there will be more egrets too.  Someone has an egg!  She stood and let the sun warm the egg(s) for her for a while.  Eventually I hope we will also have some wood storks, but they are keeping me waiting. 03-04-20egg03-04-20egg2

I’m sad to say that there was bad news from the eagle nest today, one of the eaglets has died.  A scope was sent up and the news was confirmed.  It’s so much fun to follow the progress of these birds each year, but we always seem to get our hearts broken a little as nature takes it’s course.  We just have to be happy for the chicks that make it and will carry on into the future.