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Back to Pine Island…

As I drove to Pine Island on Sunday night I was early for sunset, on purpose, because I’d been to a class on photographing birds in flight the day before and I knew there would be lots of birds at Pine Island.  I did get distracted as I drove and saw the beams of sunlight filtering through the clouds and I was worried I’d miss that shot.03-09-20pineisland1stshot

I liked the soft color when I first got there, plus I didn’t miss the light beams.  There were hundreds of gulls there, all sounding off in unison.  As far as the birds in flight thing goes, this wasn’t exactly what I was thinking of ahead of time, but it seems like there is always a kid or two who takes great pleasure in rousting out the gulls.03-09-20pineislandgir203-09-20pineislandboy03-09-20pineislandgulls

And of course we did manage to have a sunset, despite the clouds.03-09-20pineislandgirlandrays.jpg

And kudos to the iPhone, so often I like those photos best.  And I never have to do much to them.03-09-20pineislandphone103-09-20pineislandphone203-09-20pineislandphone303-09-20pineislandphone403-09-20pineislandphone503-09-20pineislandphone6

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