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Hide and seek…

I failed in my quest to get photos of the very cute owlet at Philippe Park today.  Oh I saw him, and I took pictures, but he was playing hide and seek.  Mama was a lot easier to spot, but I didn’t stay long enough to wait for any excitement which may have happened eventually.

03-16-20baby03-16-20mama.jpgInstead of heading straight home I thought I’d drop in at Publix, and if I struck out there I’d head to Walmart, but there were empty shelves in both stores.  I actually have a roll of toilet paper in a bin in my car, a left over from camping last summer.  I had thought about kidding that as often as I have camera equipment in my car it would be the toilet paper that would inspire someone to break into my car to steal it.  Now I think I’ll stick it in my backpack for emergencies.

03-16-20osprey2.jpg03-16-20osprey3.jpgBut Walmart didn’t completely let me down because I spotted this osprey nest in the parking lot.  I’ve parked there so many times without seeing it, I was really surprised.  But happy.  And it gave me my first opportunity to use my home-made pool noodle lens support for shooting out the car window.  Worked like a charm.  Not the worst day of shooting I’ve ever had.