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Not the usual subjects…

Okay, alligators aren’t all that unusual here in Florida, and neither is this leatherback turtle.  I used to see them in my back yard, they are water turtles.  But they come on land to lay eggs, and it seems that what this one was hell bent on finding a spot for exactly that.  I saw her throwing sand as she dug, flinging a shovel-full with each foot.03-20-20daytripbottlenosed2Another photographer called this a ”bottlenose turtle”, so I took a close up.  Now that’s a face only a mother could love.03-20-20daytripbottlenosedI have a time of it when I see a black water bird.  Are they cormorants or anhingas? I said this out loud and was told the cormorants have a hook on their beak, and anhinga’s beaks are straight.  So that’s settled.  Those three young cormorants on their nest were making quite the racket.  They looked big enough to fend for themselves to me!03-20-20daytripanhinga.jpg03-20-20daytripcormorant203-20-20daytripcormorantsA woman with very impressive photo equipment and an Audubon tee shirt on said that the bird flying over was a northern harrier, so I started shooting.  Not the greatest picture but it’s the best one I got.  Something new to me.03-20-20daytripnorthernharrier.jpgWhile Limpkins aren’t new to me they aren’t all the easy to spot.  And I wonder if this one had dredged up his favorite dinner, an apple snail?  Can’t say for sure.03-20-20daytriplimpkin.jpgBut the last, and most unexpected, photo of the day is this last one.  I was on a boardwalk when some kids started talking about the wild pig they were seeing across the water.  And sure enough there he was.  03-20-20daytrippig.jpgThere are still a lot of photos to go through, but it seems that time at home will be there order of the day from now on, so that’s really a good thing.  Hope everyone has things to keep them busy, and to keep them calm and happy while we watch events unfold.

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