Life goes on…

Things at the rookery seem to have been going along on their merry way without my supervision as of late.  Remember how excited I was to see little baby woodstorks  that looked like this?

04-13-20plucked.jpg Well, it’s only been a few weeks but look at them now!04-13-20threeamigosfeature204-13-20threeamigosfeature04-13-20growingup.jpg

It’s hard to tell the great egret babies from the parents these days.04-13-20contortionist.jpgI can’t see many anhinga nests, I think they are too tucked into the foliage, but there was this one.04-13-20anhingafamily.jpg

Plus a slight bit of drama.. 04-13-20conflict.jpg

I was going to say that it’s nice to get out for a little peace and quiet in nature, to take a break from my four walls, but it’s not peaceful or quiet.  I believe it’s now in full swing.  The mostly grown babies are still yelling for food, and they’ve been joined by. plenty of new babies also.  Life is going on despite the human drama we’ve been experiencing.  I guess that’s the lesson here, it’s not about us, the humans, nature can take care of itself perfectly without us…