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iPhone sunrise…

I like it better when you go out for photos and there are a couple of vantage points from which you might shoot a nice picture.  And this bridge does seem to provide a couple of angles most of the time, but not the other day when I was there bright and early.  There only seemed to be one direction to shoot to capture the color in the sky and water.  I had missed a pretty sunrise two days in a row just before this lovely morning.  Somehow lately it seems easier to just decide to forget it and stay home.  I can pat myself on the back for being a responsible citizen, but really it’s sheer laziness.  And, let’s face it, my social distancing is still intact on this bridge, at least, no, especially for the sunrise.  All except for a biker or two who will zip past me from behind with no warning at all.  I hope I never step back from the railing at just the wrong moment one day.

I knew that I’d like the iPhone photos of this sunrise, but when I’m there and holding the phone in my hands I worry about dropping it into the water.  I bought a rubber lanyard for it so that I could hang it around my neck when I go kayaking, which is almost never.  But it would also be good to use when I’m out taking photos.  But the problem is the heavy duty Otter box case I bought for it after my several iPhone disasters in the last couple of years.  I can’t get the lanyard over the case.  It would work perfectly if I took the phone out of the case, but that presents it’s own set of dilemmas.  Seems like it’s always something.


I made a stop at Walmart just as they opened after this sunrise.  And on the way home I happened to be behind this truck at the light, and I kept trying to figure out something that those words on the back window might really be saying besides Low Life, but I’m pretty sure that’s what that says.  That’s part of one of Charley’s more colorful phrases he was known to use regularly in normal daily conversation.  What mystifies me is why a person would want to announce that to the world.  Guess I’ll never know.04-23-20iPhonesunrise3.jpg