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Feathered friends…

Spending the last couple of days going through the photos that were stored on the internal hard drive of this computer has been mostly boring.  But sometimes they brought up nice memories too, like the Swallow-tail Kites that spent an afternoon at the little lake in my backyard.  I had seen them fly over, you can’t miss the split tail.  My ‘best’ shot has him flying out of the photo, so it’s not really my best shot.05-02=20swallowtail305-02=20swallowtail205-02=20swallowtail1And I hadn’t ever seen them before, but because of all the pictures I see online every day I knew what they were and dashed out with the camera.  I was barely able to get a photo of them in flight at all, but then they landed in a tree out there.  I believe that the female landed in the tree and I was surprised to see the male come and feed her.  That’s what’s going on in the feature photo.  It’s an assumption on my part but it makes me happy to think so.  I don’t miss the work and expense of maintaining a home that was too big for me alone, but I do miss my feathered friends.



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