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Here we go again…

This trip down Memory Lane has been fun, a second chance to see photos from the past.  When I see them I remember them, and I remember where they were taken, but I’m pretty sure I would never have thought of them and then looked for them.  Had I gotten serious about my organization in Lightroom earlier I’d be able to look up photos by keywords when I want to see them, but I always have been someone who has to learn the hard way.

I have discovered pictures of some of the post sitters from my back yard.  The post has measurements to keep track of water levels in the lake.  The lake was dry for several years after we bought the house, but eventually the water levels came up and the wildlife returned.  I frequently was lured into the backyard by one bird or another sitting on that post out there.  I would have liked to have found examples of all the birds that used to land on that post.  The hawk was a frequent visitor, just keeping an eye on things.  And a little blue heron seemed to be out there daily too.  Eventually I realized that it wasn’t always a little blue heron, sometimes it was a tricolor heron.05-04-20tricolorfencesitter.jpg05-04-20gregretpost205-04-20gregretpost05-02=20stumpsitter

I thought that I’d be able to re-edit the photos with some of the tips I’ve been learning lately, but the past edits are destructive and I can’t take the picture back to it’s original version.  And that is the single biggest reason to use Lightroom, and that makes it worth while even if it has been driving me nuts lately.  So these photos make me cringe a little, but I am reminded of the German baker I used to work with who always said, “It is what it is.”

2 thoughts on “Here we go again…”

    1. Why thank you. When I started blogging I told myself I shouldn’t start because I’d regret it in a couple of weeks and want to quit. But it will be three years at the end of the month so I’m still here…


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