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I had a fun visit to the rookery today.  Or I should say Wednesday.  My friend and I got along much better than the two egrets in the feature photo appear to be doing.  A little sibling angst I think.    And we kept our social distancing in mind while we were there, again, unlike those egrets.  I was happy to get a little better look at the cattle egret babies.  Not exactly cute, but I’m sure their mother thinks they are.  05-06-20cattlegretchicks05-06-20mouthychick05-06-20mouthychick305-06-20mouthychick2

I don’t know if Larry and Moe were hiding in the shrubbery, but Curly was there.05-06-20curly.jpg

It was nice to be out taking pictures with a friend.  And I was glad to hear that the pool is supposed to open on Monday, but with restrictions of course.  I know that there are differing opinions about these things.  It will remain to be seen if we can get along better than the egrets above as we ease ourselves back to ‘normal’.