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Burrowing in…

Two years ago yesterday I was lucky enough to tag along with an experienced birder as he showed me where to find the burrowing owls ‘here’ in Florida.  Here being hours from home, but a day trip, and that trip allowed for lots of stops to places I had only heard about along the way.  In looking through my old photos in the computer these pictures of the burrowing owls stood out simply because of how cute they are.  But then I thought of how we seem to be burrowing in these days, and how totally unaware we were of what was heading our way.  That there would ever be such a thing as quarantine.  It’s getting to me, I have to admit it.  One year ago I had forced myself out of my comfort zone to start my camping adventure, spurred on by the fact that I had shot my mouth off and said I was going to do it, so I had to just do it.  Now this lack of activity has me wondering if I’ll be able to get myself going again when its over.  It will be over eventually, right?05-12-20owl105-12-20owl305-12-20owl405-12-20owl505-12-20owl705-12-20owl6.jpg05-12-20owl8

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