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An un-Tuesday…

Yesterday was an out-of-focus kind of day.  One of those days when you think you should just stay home and pull the covers over your head before you hurt yourself, or someone else.  The one on-top-of-things accomplishment of yesterday was that I remembered that the next day I was to take my once-a-week pill, the pill you are supposed to take a half hour before you eat anything, and the pill that after you take it you aren’t supposed to lay down.  A familiar issue for a lot of women my age, but new to me.  Each time it rolls around it seems like weeks since I took the last one.  And yes, I do have one of those weekly pill sorters, several of them in fact, but its been weeks since I loaded any of them.  So I made plans yesterday for how I would remind myself to take my pill in the morning, but by the time I went to bed last night I had forgotten to put the little box with the pills in it on top of the coffee maker.  But all of this came to mind this morning as I made coffee, and I was quite pleased with myself for remembering that it’s Tuesday, pill day, and I was right on schedule.  My phone disagreed however.  My phone informs me that its actually Wednesday.  So I’m not quite as on-top-of-things as I thought, but on the other hand, does it really matter?

05-13-20dragonfly05-13-20zebra05-13-20aripeka05-13-20bee2Old photos, also slightly out of focus…

2 thoughts on “An un-Tuesday…”

  1. First and foremost….nice photos! I am in the same boat with those damn pills. Never remember and I have been on them for three years. So I do take them but basically have no schedule. Story of my life these days!

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