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Lake Lisa…

I decided that a walk was in order this morning, and John Chesnut park was going to be my destination.  My friend said that she couldn’t remember if shed been there before, and I reminded her that it could be called squirrel central.05-13-20squirrel

There are usually lots of birds to see, but instead I saw dragonflies, and a deer just off the path.05-13-20dragonfly205-13-20deer

But the red-winged blackbird was found at a pretty little park that I noticed on the way.  I must have driven past it quite a few times, but this time I took note of it and stopped to explore.  It’s close to home and will make a good choice for a walk the next time I’d like to get out of the house.  Or for the sunrise.  The sign said Lake Lisa, pretty place.05-13-20LakeLisa05-13-20LakeLisa05-13-20redwingedblackbird05-13-20lakelisaview05-13-20twducks05-13-20view205-13-20reflection

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