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Don’t bug me…

A different sunrise view was what I wanted, and I decided that a nice, close spot might be the road that leads out to Green Key Beach.  That’s where I headed this morning, not expecting to find gates closing the road much further from the beach than I might have thought.  The feature photo is the first one I took while standing beside the car.  There are only a few spots where there is a break in the shrubbery where the fishermen stop to fish and where you have a bit of a view.  And where you will find the no-see-ums lying in wait to descend upon you before you can get yourself and your equipment out of the car.  I doused myself with bug spray as soon as I took that first picture, and then attempted to find a better spot to give me more of a view to the east, but there weren’t any.  And then I headed for home.


I was almost back to the main road when I saw a break in the shrubbery coming up, a last chance at a head-on view of the sunrise.  Only this was what I found when I got there.  05-24-20greenkeysunrise3

I guess I’ll have to keep looking for that perfect sunrise spot, or stick to sunsets.  And buy more bug spray…

6 thoughts on “Don’t bug me…”

    1. Most parks used to say that they are open dawn to dusk, but with sunrise at 6:35 or so I’m not sure if we can get to the parking lots, etc. Which explains why I’m stalking accessible spots close to home…


      1. Yes, I’ve been gone quite a while. Too much work with 2 kids taking college and 2 being homeschooled. We are always busy. It’s nice though to take some time off.

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