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This oasis is located just minutes from sunset beach.  If I wasn’t such a wimp I might have stuck around for sunset, but I didn’t, mostly because I know I will be back many more times in the future.  You see this oasis belongs to my son, his new-to-him house, where I spent the day yesterday eating my DIL’s great food and drinking bullfrogs.  And enjoying this wonderful backyard.06-15-20Mike'syard106-15-20Mike'syard206-15-20Mike'shottubbers06-15-20Mike'spetunia06-15-20Mike'spinkflower06-15-20Mike'stinypurpleflowers06-15-20Mikeorange06-15-20Mikepink206-15-20Mikeyellowflower

This house was owned by a landscaper, which of course shows.  My DIL’s challenge is to use the app she downloaded to look up what the plants are as they bloom, and what care is required.  My son may have thought that the lack of grass meant a no fuss backyard, but after taming the Mexican petunia yesterday he was planning to ice his back after I left.  The kids?  Well, it may be a race to the hammock…

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