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Conspiracy theories…

I’ve suspected a conspiracy for quite a while now.  Since I bought my house in Florida in 2005.  We hadn’t owned the house long, and were just visiting every other month for the first three years, but we quickly were talked into getting a ‘bug guy’, because ‘if you don’t have termites now you will eventually.’  Not wanting to arrive at the house and find that it was occupied by hordes of bugs, we signed on.  But the thing of it is, we never saw a bug.  Not in my house, and not here in the mobile either.  Nope.  Not until the actual bug guy paid a visit, and then there would be a dead palmetto bug lying in a corner, or under a table, immediately after the bug guy put in an appearance.  I suspected he planted those things to ensure that you would keep paying the bill.

Lately I have been patting myself on the back for finally signing on with a bug guy for this place, prompted by my plan to head out of here for an extended trip to somewhere.  And on the two occasions that he has paid me a visit I have spotted a palmetto bug shortly after each visit.  The last time he was here I informed him of my suspicions and he pretended to be amused.  I told him that I find those darned bugs to be so creepy that I usually leave them lying in state for a couple of days, just to be sure it’s really dead before I go to scoop it up and it leaps into action.  I think he rolled his eyes,  but he assured me that if it’s lying on it’s back you can be sure it’s dead.  He LIED!



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