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Saharan sunset…

A historic Saharan dust plume is headed our way.  ‘Our’ being Florida.  It’s big news, on the internet at least.  And with it will come fabulous sunrises and sunsets, so good news for the photographers out there.  That’s all we needed to hear, so last night we headed to Pine Island for the sunset, and I was disappointed.  As fabulous Florida sunsets go this one wasn’t going to win a prize.  As with everything these days, the predictions are all over the place.  Wednesday, Thursday. and Friday were supposed to be the best, or so I read.  This morning I saw a map that has the plume not reaching us until Sunday.  No wonder I pay no attention to the news these days.  And yet I’m sure I’ll be out there again…

06-24-20earlycloud06-24-20waiting06-24-20saharanman06-24-20saharanview 06-24-20saharanhouse06-24-20sahaboosted.jpg

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