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‘This website uses cookies’, we’ve all gotten that message a time or two I imagine.  I know I do, from WordPress, whenever I’m putting a post together.  But it has occurred to me that that’s my problem.  Cookies are my problem.  Getting ready to leave on this trip has my brain on overdrive.  What to pack?  Which route to take?  Wait, I need to spray the weeds growing up in the cracks in the driveway, and I wanted another folding chair, and a haircut, and what food should I bring with me?  I should clean the house, but it will only get dirty while I’m gone.  What about closing this place up, I didn’t do such a hot job of it last time.  My uncle came behind me and took care of it.  I need to do better.  Make lists I tell myself.  I tell myself a lot of things.  And then I saw something on my quilting group about taking a cartoon photo, so I forgot about all that for a few minutes and off I went to do that last night.  I wanted to shoot bicycles for a photo challenge, that could make a good cartoon photo, but no one at all was out.  And then I realized that no matter what I did I had to take a selfie, the photo process kept turning the camera around for a selfie.  Disappointing.  Went home and made yogurt bark to use up the last of the yogurt because, yes, dealing with emptying the refrigerator is nagging at me also.  I have too many programs running in my head.  I need to clear my cache…

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