Camp Cooking…

When I bought my camper I was ‘given’ a $50 coupon for items from the dealership store, and this cookbook is one of the things I bought that day.  That I could find it to toss into the bin I have sitting in the middle of the floor, who’s sole purpose is for me to toss in anything I come across that I need to bring with me on this upcoming trip, is a minor miracle.  When I bought it I’m sure I leafed through it, but it didn’t make an impact on me until I was looking at it this morning.  Along with delicious sounding recipes involving cast iron dutch ovens and campfires, are wonderful anecdotes from camping over the years.  Those alone are with the price of the book.

My camping experiences from last year may not have prepared me for camping without hookups this year.  I do have solar in the camper, so all is not lost here.  But my real life camping information has come from reconnecting with a childhood friend who camped in the White Mountains every chance he got all his life.  His hilarious stories probably went a long way to making this all seem doable to me.  But as much as he claims that if you camped with him you ate well, it seems to me that Dinty Moore beef stew and Spam figured prominently in his cuisine, neither of which I have any intention of bringing with me.  I figure a person can survive on peanut butter and apples for a while.  Long enough to buy herself a dutch oven.  Oh, and to learn how to build a campfire…


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