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On the cusp…

My last full day at home before hitting the road found me wandering Walmart in search of snacks for the car, and a drill which will help in the setting up and taking down of the camper.  And whatever else I might think of.  My friends were sending coloring pages the other day and I have coloring books and colored pencils also, so I thought maybe I’d look for a new book.  Imagine my surprise to see A Hot Cup Of Joe nestled among the books of pretty flowers entwined with bible verses.  Of course I picked it up, wondering what pictures they were going to have on those pages.  And that’s when I realized that it was that Joe!  Joe Biden!  Arm wrestling Trump on one page.  I didn’t notice who was winning.  As coloring books go it just didn’t do it for me, and $11.98 was too much even for the comic effect.  Same for Bob Ross.  At least Bob doesn’t seem quite as off the wall as a coloring book.  Didn’t I just say that you can’t make this stuff up?  Or maybe I just don’t get out enough…06-29-20Bbross.jpg

But I will be getting out tomorrow, big time!  I bought a journal so that I can keep track of where I stopped for pictures because this more rustic camping trip might have me beat when it comes to wifi and/or keeping my various devices charged.  I’ll be seeing you from the road, just not sure when or where…

4 thoughts on “On the cusp…”

  1. Sounds like you might need to scope out the Panera’s, McDonald’s and any where else you can grab some free internet and maybe a cup of Joe! Happy trails to you my friend❤️

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  2. Our recent trip had no phone service, hotspot, wifi or even over the air tv, so good idea to bring a notebook. I do have the Bob Ross coloring book; it was a gift. Safe travels to you, and have a great adventure!

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