Westward Ho, day one…

The mileage on the car was 29,915 when I finally got underway yesterday. I was so proud of myself when I backed the car right under the trailer hitch in one try! You’d think I knew what I was doing. Only I couldn’t get it to hitch and had to call my uncle anyhow. Drive forward a half inch and I was good to go. Sheesh.

The road was straight and flat, and the scenery didn’t change as I drove, so I couldn’t help but notice the sky. And the travel info billboards that warned of severe thunderstorms, which materialized during the last 35 miles of my drive. I was heading to Marianna, FL. Which I’m told has more to recommend it than a Pilot Flying J travel center that’s open 24 hours. Maybe it would be a good destination for a winter camping trip, but this time it was just a place to stop. And get gas at the same $195.9 that I paid a few days ago. Prices were up by 15 cents everywhere except here. Slept like a baby…

2 thoughts on “Westward Ho, day one…”

  1. Good Morning Sue. Have a wonderful adventure. I’m glad you’re keeping a journal. I wish I did of some of my photos I have taken.

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    1. My journal is my blog if I can get online. I will write when I can’t type. I can’t believe that you of all people think I should carry a gun! That would cause me extra stress when I have none at all.


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