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Teton morning…

I slept like a baby my first night in Grand Teton National Park. I was toasty warm under three blankets, including my first night under my ‘quarantine quilt’. My favorite way to sleep is when you are nice and warm but breathing cold air, and it was chilly. I went out early and drove a little way north of the campground to the turn-offs along Jackson Lake. Of course the views are spectacular, but I found myself drawn to the details too. The wildflowers that line the roadway just about everywhere. The little bird at the marina, and the pelican who caught his breakfast and I totally didn’t realize it until I saw the pictures in the computer.

I investigated the laundry/shower facility and discovered that they have wifi and you can plug in your computer to to charge it. That was a happy discovery for me, so I did my laundry, took a shower, and caught up with Facebook. I find as I walk I’m out of breath immediately, and tiredness set in, so I’m writing this while sitting outside at the camper, using up the battery that remains. The breeze is lovely, and the sun on my back feels like a massage. I have to give myself permission to relax, so I’m going to sit in the sun in the zero-gravity recliner and read my book a while.07-07-07lake207-07-07Jacksonlake107-07-07flowers07-07-07flowers207-07-07pinkflowers07-07-07pelican

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