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Tuesday in the Tetons…

Tuesday started off so nicely.  I was in search of coffee and found a view of the mountains with reflections in the water of the marina.  I then headed out for a drive, just to see what I could see.  There were beautiful views everywhere, I stopped at every turnout that I saw.  I took pictures of the signs to remember why I stopped and to learn a little of how all this magnificent scenery came to be.  I found a tour group stopped to take pictures, so I also stopped to see what it was that they saw.  To my surprise it was a great blue heron, which was new to the people on the tour.  I have come to realize that the birds I’ve seen in Florida are also found far and wide, they don’t just belong to us.  The Cunningham ranch was an interesting stop also.  Yes, a nice day, until the problems with the wifi and cell service made everything grind to a halt.  And I thought I had figured out a solution, but then the computer decided not to take a charge.  If you are reading this then the current solution is working.  I hope so because I keep taking more pictures despite the problems.07-08--20reflection07-08--20reflection207-08--20scene207-08--20sign07-08--20scene07-08--20greatbluefeature07-08--20glaciersigh07-08--20tetonglacier07-08--20cunninghamsign07-08--20cunningham07-08--20cabin

5 thoughts on “Tuesday in the Tetons…”

  1. Just read this. It’s Fri. July 10. The photos are so beautiful. Since I am not a traveler the photos you post are so interesting and beautiful. Looking forward to many more.

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