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More from Yellowstone…

Of course there is more to Yellowstone than the Old Faithful geysers.  There are big animals like the elk who posed for the feature photo.  And a bison, one of many individual ones we saw by the side of the road.  And a tiny little butterfly who landed on my thumb for some unknown reason.  On my right thumb, so I thought what a nice picture it would make with my camera in my hand but the photo op sitting on my thumb.  So Karen suggested that we see if we could coax him onto her thumb so I could get a picture also.  That was one cooperative butterfly, who posed for a few pictures and then flew off to do whatever it is that butterflies do.07-10-20part2buffalo07-10-20part2tongue07-10-20part2butterfly

Then there is Inspiration Point, the subject of many artists’s paintings over the years, and the magnificent Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. 07-10-20part2artist07-10-20part2falls07-10-20part2don'tfall07-10-20part2grandcanyon207-10-20part2grandcanyon07-10-20part2yellowstonelake

Dragon Mouth Spring was amazing.  Not only did you see the bubbling mud, and smell the sulphur, but you could hear the gurgling down deep underground.07-10-20part2dragon'smouthspring07-10-20part2dragon'smouthspring207-10-20part2mud

Unfortunately one of the best places to see wildlife, the Lamar Valley, is closed this year.  I’m still looking for a bear, hoping to see one from the car, and hoping not to see one while I’m walking on a trail.  At least alligators are a little more predictable as to where you might see one.  This is a most beautiful place to be, chilly overnight, and then warm and breezy during the day.  I’m lucky to be here.