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Travels with my cousin…

This particular relationship isn’t so much a reconnection, but a getting to know you.   My cousin lives in Jackson and comes to the park for hiking and kayaking often, which means she has lots of favorite places to show me.  So my birthday was spent being chauffeur driven yet again, and to places I very likely would have missed on my own.  Thank you for a great day Mary, and best is is we will have time to do more while I’m here.07-11-20Mary07-11-20trailview07-11-20reflectionboats

Mary is a great spotter, she pointed out photo op after photo op, I could barely keep up.  She also reminded me to remember to look up while we are watching our footsteps on the trail.  She spotted the cedar waxwings (we think) who loved the berry laden bushes, and waited patiently for us to move along so they could have lunch.



There was a stop for gas at a fun looking restaurant I’d love to visit before I leave.07-11-20flowersandwheel

Being here really brings home the reality of people heading west in wagons like this, seeking a better life.07-11-20wagon

Birds were enjoying the water and what nature provides along the trail.07-11-20duckyfeature


I almost caught this buffalo’s dust bath with all four legs in the air, but I missed that shot.07-11-20dusty

Mormon Row was in interesting stop also.  Mary wanted me to see the most photographed barn in the US, I think she said.07-11-20Mormonrowsign07-11-20pinkhouse07-11-20horses07-11-20mountainview07-11-20barn

I got a kick out of what I thought of as ‘the little outhouse on the prairie’…07-11-20outhouse

It was a great day, as you can see.  Happy Birthday to me!

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