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Just another day…

I had a plan.  The plan was to find the herd of buffalo I’d seen the day before and just watch them.  I’d get out my three legged camping stool and my longest lens and tripod, and just sit there and observe.  If only the buffalo had been there.  I kept driving since I didn’t remember exactly where along Rt. 89 I had seen them, and found myself in Jackson.  Which wasn’t a bad idea because I don’t think I had ever let any car ever get as dirty as mine was, plus it needed an oil change, so I was happy to get those things done.  And of course I got a few pictures while I was there.  I used to always buy a piece of jewelry when I traveled, but now my photos are my souvenirs.07-13-20daytripbuggyride07-13-20daytripthearch07-13-20daytripbuffalo

So I headed home happy that I got those two things done, and found dramatic skies AND buffalo.  They were much further back off the road this time, so even the longest lens couldn’t do what I’d imagined I could do, but there is always tomorrow! 07-13-20daytripbuffalo207-13-20daytripplane07-13-20daytripnames07-13-20daytriphills07-13-20daytriplast