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Charley didn’t exactly rename all the pets in the family, but he adulterated their names into a semblance of what they once were.  We all adopted his terminology also, and that includes my eventual nick-name of ‘Neemie’.  My daughter once told me that her friends asked her why she called her mother Neemie, and she said that she answered that it was a long story.  A long and silly story, actually, and it’s not my point here at all.  No, I found myself looking for “buffalumps” again yesterday.  Another of Charley’s verbal adulterations, and I decided that this time he was more accurate than he probably intended when he called them that.  Once you are lucky enough to find them, and get your big lens out and want to observe them, you discover that they don’t do much but lay around.  Once I noticed all the little birds on the ground around one that was standing and grazing I couldn’t help but make the rest of the pictures all about the birds.

We were a little closer to them than we probably should have been, but they were close to the road so if you pulled over that’s just where you were.  Eventually one looked over right at me, and I decided that maybe I ought to move on…07-14-20buffalobirdagain07-14-20buffalobirds07-14-20buffalobirds207-14-20buffalobirds307-14-20buffalopair07-14-20threebirds07-14-20buffaloheyyou

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