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Heron Pond trail…

The feature photo isn’t from the hike I did with my cousin Mary yesterday, but all the rest are.  That row of houses on the hill has intrigued me ever since I first spotted it, but I didn’t think there was a good place to pull over to get the shot.  I found a spot yesterday, whether it was a good spot is debatable, but I only stopped for a minute.

The heron pond trail is right here where I’m camping in Colter Bay.  It’s only one of the trails to explore here and I hope to do more.  I thought I did pretty well as far as the altitude and not feeling so out of breath as I had been feeling.  Guess I ought to stay!07-14-20view07-14-20view207-14-20kayaker07-14-20yellowflower07-14-20stateflower07-14-20tanager07-14-20butterfly07-14-20heronpond07-14-20heronpondbevers07-14-20hiking07-14-20hikingnuthatcch207-14-20hikingnuthatcchA good picture of the fields of amazing wild flowers continues to escape me, but I sure do enjoy looking at them.

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