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Signal mountain summit…

Signal Mountain summit was a destination of mine on Wednesday.  This despite the warnings of a camper I spoke with the other day.  He implied that the drive up the mountain had been harrowing, and I had had my own harrowing drives lately and was hesitant to take on another one.  What convinced me to try it was his answer when I asked how the drive down the mountain was.  “Oh,” he said, “that was a piece of cake.”  That answer made me doubt him all together, so off I went, and it wasn’t a bad drive in either direction.  Though seeing bicyclers tackling it in either direction was mind blowing.  The view from the top was amazing, as seen with the iPhone in the feature photo.  The ever present wild flowers had the place full of butterflies, none of which was interested in posing for photos.  So there we were, we being myself and another photographer just enjoying the view, when we saw a bird circling below us.  It appeared to be a large bird and I did manage to get a couple of photos, but without wifi I can’t look up which bird it might be.  I hoped it was a golden eagle, the thought put into my mind by the golden coloration in the wings.  But I have no idea if the golden eagle’s head is dark like this bird’s was.  I hope I remember to look it up before I post this.  I made several other stops along the way also.  Taking it easy for a change…07-1s-20tetonview07-1s-20signalsummitview07-1s-20lakeview07-1s-20eagle07-1s-20eagle207-1s-20bee07-1s-20bee207-1s-20flowerfeature

I stopped at the Chapel of the Sacred Heart on the way but it’s only open for weddings this year.07-1s-20chapel

And a geo marker was a shiny token from the work it took to make this place a reality for all of us to enjoy.07-1s-20geomarker