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Palmer Lake…

My cousin and I took an afternoon hike to Palmer Lake on Friday.  So warmer temperatures than our earlier hikes, and while the uphill portions were nothing compared to the day before, I found myself struggling to get my breath.  And wondering how I managed the day before at all.  My Steps app is a disappointment to me.  I feel like I ought to get extra credit for all the uphill hiking I’ve done.  My first impression of FL was that I didn’t like it because it was too flat, but I’ll have a new appreciation for the nice flat walks from now on.  Here are some shots from that Palmer Lake hike.  The colorful columbine, the common merganser, the western bluebird, and the scenery.  Its always about the scenery, and the buffalo on the way.07-18-20morningreflectionsbluebird07-18-20morningreflectionsbuffalo07-18-20morningreflectionsbuffalo207-18-20morningreflectionsbuffalo307-18-20morningreflectionsbuilding07-18-20morningreflectionslightcolumbine07-18-20morningreflectionspurplecolumbine07-18-20morningreflectionsthelake07-18-20morningreflectionswaterfall

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