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Camp life…

Not only are the COVID rules in place here, but so are the rules for camping in bear country also in place.  So no cooking or even eating in your camper, and all food/toiletries or anything else smelly must be stored in your car or in the bear boxes.  So it’s just easier to go out and buy coffee, but not until anything opens at 7 AM.  At home I’d go nuts waiting until 7 for coffee, but here it’s been so cold overnight that it takes me that long to talk myself into getting out of bed.  Sleeping in warm pajamas, with two sweatshirts over that, with both hoods on, fluffy socks, and all four throws over top has me toasty overnight.  But I have to blast the propane heater for a little while until I can talk myself into getting dressed and heading out for coffee.  Yesterday I got coffee and went to the marina again, drawn by the light on the mountainsides.  Then I walked the lake loop right here in the park,  I was armed with bear spray since people keep reporting seeing bears, but so far I haven’t seen them.  No moose either, but I got a head’s up on where to go to try to see them.  After such cold overnight temperatures you’d be surprised how nice the days are.  Here are some shots from the marina, both the morning shots plus a few from sunset the night before.  And along the camp trail…07-18-20marinacakyaks07-18-20morningreflections07-18-20morningreflections07-18-20morningreflectionsroots

8 thoughts on “Camp life…”

    1. Yes, and yesterday no wifi all day and only cash purchases. I have no clue what to do with myself when I can’t work on the photos I took that day. Wifi is fixed this morning and I will have to be sure to get some cash out of the ATM so that I won’t have to do without coffee in the AM!

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      1. Yes, always more fun when you can enjoy it with others! Although, there are times I enjoy my alone time too, admittedly. 😉

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