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Moose Junction…

I guess they call it Moose Junction for a reason.  I had been given a heads-up on where to stop on the Moose-Wilson road to see a Mama and her twin moose-lettes, so that’s where I headed on Monday morning, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Whenever you see people out of their cars with their cameras in hand you know you ought to stop also.  And there was Mama wandering in the river, and the babies stepped out of the shrubbery right on cue.  Mama continued to feed by sticking her snout into the water and blowing bubbles, loudly, as she did.  The babies settled down in the shrubbery, but kept a close eye on Mama.  I watched for a while, taking lots of pictures of course, and then I decided that I was nuts if I didn’t go switch to my biggest lens.  Of course while I was doing that the babies swam to Mama, and when I got back the three of them were wandering into the woods.  What a treat or was to get to spend time watching them.  And a very pretty setting also.

07-20-20familymamaredo07-20-20familysmell the rosesredo07-20-20familybubblesredo07-20-20familycheckonkidsredo07-20-20familyonetwinredo07-20-20familyviewredo07-20-20familytwinsagainredo07-20-20familybenchredo

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