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The Rustie Inn

My mother’s nickname was Rustie, spelled with an ie. Honestly, I was an adult before I realized that that’s how she spelled it, after all, she signed everything I saw as Evelyn, or Mom. I think I noticed this sign the first time I drove into Jackson, and wanted to get a picture of it.  So yesterday I finally drove into the parking lot and got a picture. I showed it to my cousin, who was also unaware that Aunt Rustie was spelled that way, but she burst my bubble by informing me that it’s actually The Rustic Inn.  I find that disappointing for some reason. It’s also disappointing that my computer battery has died, and I can’t use the computer unless it’s plugged in.  And plugs are scarce and the competition has been fierce, so I had given up on using the computer for the most part, but I beat the crowd today.  So I will be packing up and I’ll soon be on my way home. When I finally can get back to the computer I hope I can remember where I took all the pictures that are waiting for me in the camera. And looking at my photo again I still think it says The Rustie Inn. I’m stubborn that way.

6 thoughts on “The Rustie Inn”

    1. Even when I showed her the picture she still didn’t see that c as an e. I can’t un-see it! LOL. Thanks. I feel like I’m cheating, as if I have to be gone the whole summer or it doesn’t count. But this year it has it’s challenges with Covid changes. I’m so glad I did this, but I am telling myself that I will start making plans for trips within FL this winter.


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